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About Worldwide Postal Zip Code Lookup

Datapedia Pincodes directory listing provides most relevant info for each and every pincode with a country with its specific postal codes and provides reviews and ratings to understand the popularity of the pincode/zipcode and also provides address in GPS notation in the form of latitude and longitude. It also provides a map to view it and also provides information like population density or local time that help users to easily find or lookup postal codes, or specific current time in the particular postal are etc.

List of Postal Codes of All Countries


About Datapedia Postal Zip Code Database


All Countries Postal Zip Code Finder

Listed below are some of the popular postal codes that have high volume of posts/mails or couriers being delivered daily. Related territories with a given country may share the same postal code indicating that they form a zone/region or a province say municipality, town or locality.

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