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About Datapedia - Free Encyclopedia of Data

Numbers, figures and data are inevitable needs of the modern life, and probably we need to find new facts and data more often now than ever before. Datapedia is your very own resource to find statistics, information and figures, which is pertinent for very general needs. We aim at offering resources that otherwise seem invincible or need a lot of research. We have made a large database that offers some of the most regular things you may need, such the MICR codes of banks, Indian IFSC codes, PIN codes, STD codes, ZIP codes, ISD codes and lots more.

Why Datapedia

  • Updated data, records and information
  • Quality check and regular updates
  • Genuine and well resourced gamut of information
  • Quick support and genuine assistance
  • A user friendly website for all kinds of visitors

For more details, see about datapedia.